Neighborhood Alert - Airplane Noise - Adam Knight for Medford City Council

Neighborhood Alert - Airplane Noise

Community Alert 

hqdefault.jpgOver the past few months we have seen a dramatic increase in airplane traffic over Medford. The noise levels and impact that this air traffic has on our quality of life, our environment and our public health is unacceptable. We need to tell Massport now how we feel. 

I encourage all residents to call the Massport Complaint line at 617-561-3333 and express your concerns about the increased noise pollution over Medford. You can call more than once a day, and every time airplane noise disturbs you.

I'll continue to work with local, state and federal leaders to keep pressure on Massport and the Federal Aviation Authority to lighten air traffic over Medford, but calling the complaint line is a sure way to make Massport take notice. 

To learn more about air traffic over Medford and what we can do visit

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